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We create elegant, customer focused, solutions to complex problems; making the chaotic easier to understand and enabling intelligent decision making. Our consultants work closely with our clients to understand their challenges, and develop bespoke solutions for them. Using the latest technology, we deliver advanced analysis, intelligent business modelling and real-time data visualisation, supported by robust business processes, training, and advice.


Expert Knowledge

A range of SMEs and vast domain understanding and knowledge enable us to deliver pan-defence.


Going the Extra Mile

Delivering a product above and beyond the expectations of our customers time and time again.



Ability to react quickly to the changing requirements of our customers.


Excellent Communicators

Articulating our vision to our clients in a way that ensures they know every step of the process.

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Attention to Detail

Through meticulous scoping and planning, we look to incorporate pinpoint accuracy in each deliverable.



No challenge is too difficult; we look to make the seemingly impossible viable.

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- Martin Jonik, CEO -


We offer a wide range of consultancy services as well as having the added advantage of an in-house software development team supporting them.

Cost Pie Business Modelling

Working with our clients, building financial models to establish value for money for business-as-usual and key investment decisions.

Code Software Development

Using industry standard software packages to deliver unique and bespoke software solutions for an array of clients.

Inspect Data Data Analytics & Visualisation

Analysing & interpreting vast quantities of data, turning it into presentable, useful and smart business information.

Mind Cogs Business Process Improvement

Working with our clients to help optimise the processes they operate, allowing them to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

Stacked Squares Inventory Management

Understanding, modelling and demonstrating leaner ways to manage and forecast inventory through a product life cycle.

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Although we are a rapidly growing and successful company, we maintain the same philosophy of delivering the high standards that defined Techmodal when the company was founded.

  • Veritas

    VERITAS is an Oracle-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed by Techmodal to support MOD business processes. Techmodal have developed VERITAS using a good understanding of Defence data and how this data can be presented in a meaningful way to enable the MOD to make more informed decisions, leading to large cost savings. VERITAS is being utilised throughout the Army and DE&S and will be released across other areas in the future.

    Key functionality within VERITAS includes:

    – Activity Forecasting, Costing and Modelling

    – Inventory, Repair and Ammunition Stockpile Management

    – In–Year Financial Management

    – Fleet Management

    – Performance Management

  • CAAS

    The Cost Assurance and Analysis Service (CAAS) is the centre of excellence for pricing and costing support to the MOD Acquisition Community. It allows Defence teams in DE&S and the wider MOD the ability to enable continuous improvement of the acquisition process, risk reduction, and ensuring 'Best Value for Money' for Defence.

    Techmodal have been engaged in a large number of projects with CAAS providing finance and risk modelling and consultancy services to support important business decisions, some of these engagements include:

    – Whole Life Cost and Schedule Analysis models

    – A complex Schedule and Cost model allowing for a portfolio view of activities across multiple domains.

    – Through Life Cost Models that forecast costs for acquisition of CAT–A Programmes.

  • HUMS

    HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) was a study undertaken by Techmodal to demonstrate and quantify the improvements in operational availability and cost avoidance through exploitation of environment Land HUMS data, taken from a variety of land vehicles. The modelling of training data demonstrated the perceived potential for benefits from an altered maintenance regime. The data was also used to demonstrate the capability for producing useful management information, for the enabling of quick/strategic decisions. A set of charts were created to meet requirements, set by Army stakeholders, utilising the new information generated. These charts demonstrate how HUMS data can be utilised to provide an improved view of platform health, availability and reliability – as well as providing earlier warnings where a vehicle may be at risk.

  • DGM

    The Techmodal Analytics team work in all areas of the business to provide consulting expertise on data analytics, modelling and algorithmic development. Recently, Techmodal developed a data management system with Defence General Munitions (DGM) that brings considerable benefits to their daily operations. At the centre of this is a munitions forecasting algorithm and inventory management tool, which when provided with current stock levels, consumption rates, service life expiry dates (SLED) and planned procurement information is able to model future stock requirements. Furthermore, DGM now have the ability to carry out what–if analysis on their stock position, which can provide insight into future capability and risk.

  • Cost Coherence

    Cost Coherence was created on the principle that benefits can be realised by using common tools and processes to maintain project finance data. The Cost Coherence tool is structured to enforce a common process of entering and maintaining cash and accrual forecasts, in a common structure. The tool enables aggregation and filtering, together with the generation of bespoke graphs and monthly reporting for planning and budgeting purposes. Cost Coherence data can then be uploaded into corporate Management Information tools, specifically enabling stakeholders from Army HQ and DE&S to analyse the fixed and variable cost of delivering the Army activity plan.

    Cost Coherence

About Us

The combination of talent, youth and experience is what sets us apart. We are able to work on projects that establish us as a key company within defence, and that's why our clients and partners work with us time and time again.


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Techmodal was founded by PhD students in 2005, with a belief that by understanding the multitude of data within the aerospace and defence sectors, we could provide an array of value-added services. A decade on, we have grown to accommodate the high demand for our people and products, consistently providing financial, software and project management consulting to numerous high profile programmes within the public and private sector.

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Our Mission

Helping our customers make their most important decision, better, every day.

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Our Values

We are: Honest, Innovative, Adaptable, Customer Focused, and Socially Aware.

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Our Vision

To become the UK's first choice for the delivery of data-driven analysis and decision support.


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